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24-25 Reading Specialist

Now Hiring Reading Specialist for 24-25

The Reading Specialist role requires particular expertise in the area of reading instruction.  The reading specialist will support teachers and students in meeting the individual needs of students in the area of reading.  It is expected that the specialist will work collaboratively with District leadership, Principals and Teachers to identify and implement effective strategies for student achievement.  They will have further responsibility of understanding and assisting in implementing current methodologies, effective instructional strategies, and facilitating reading related professional development.


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Salary Benefits

Salary is commensurate with experience in education and educational attainment.  Both prior experience and educational degree must go through the District's verification process in order for final salary to be confirmed.

Essential Functions

  • Provide small group (pull-out) reading instruction before, during, and/or after school to students in need of remediation;

  • Provide push-in reading intervention;

  • Provide one-on-one coaching for teachers in the area of reading;

  • Facilitate small group/grade group professional development;

  • Model, co-plan, co-deliver reading instruction;

  • Assist classroom teachers by providing them with additional strategies for those students who have been identified for additional instruction;

  • Work with the classroom teacher to monitor student progress.

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