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English Language Arts Teachers

Now Hiring English Language Arts Teachers

Become an English Language Arts Teacher in The School District of Philadelphia and Love Your Tomorrow. The School District of Philadelphia is now hiring teachers for the 2023-2024 School Year. With excellent benefits and opportunities for professional growth, the School District of Philadelphia is the ideal district for new teachers as well as seasoned teacher transfers.


Learn more and apply today. 

Key Benefits

Teachers and Counselors are compensated with a 10 month salary, paid over 12 months. The salary for teachers is competitive and ranges from a minimum starting salary of $50,066. Salary credit is provided to teachers with two years or more of verified teaching experience.

We offer a comprehensive benefits package for Teachers and School Counselors that includes medical, dental and vision coverage along with wage continuation and life insurance. Benefits are administered through the School District and the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers (PFT).

Job Summary

A teacher in the School District of Philadelphia plans and teaches their subject area, following the scope and sequence for all courses; provides instruction to students in a variety of planned courses; provides the use of real life applications and simulations to instruct students in the analysis and interpretation of material being presented; instructs the use of tools, materials, processes, and applications of technology, including pertinent software applications, in the development of lessons, and uses formal and informal classroom and district assessments.

Essential Functions

  • Assesses the skill level of students and aligns classroom goals and activities to established state and local standards;

  • Provides instruction in respective subject area(s);

  • Provides students with instruction emphasizing real life applications and simulations;

  • Teaches inquiry techniques that encourage experimentation and alternative approaches to problem solving;

  • Provides technical expertise in the use of tools, materials, processes and applications of technology, including pertinent software applications;

  • Provides students with learning experiences requiring them to demonstrate comprehension of concepts and the ability to use technological resources in developing solutions to problems;

  • Provides instruction that encourages students to use learned skills as tools for inquiry-based learning;

  • Creates a classroom environment in which students have access to subject-related materials that address their needs and interests;

  • Collaborates with staff members within and across disciplines to integrate subject-specific skills across the curriculum;

  • Keeps abreast of the latest developments and improvements in education as it affects the instructional program;

  • Attends faculty meetings to discuss school problems and teaching methods;

  • Maintains classroom discipline;

  • Maintains attendance, grade(s), and other required records.

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