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Nothing can replace the impact of a dedicated teacher working directly with students in schools. Teachers can truly shape the leaders of our tomorrow.

Apply now to teach next school year


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The Office of Talent Support Services hosts frequent office hours for candidates, employees, hiring managers, and anyone else who might have a question or need support filling a job, applying to a role, or getting started in a new position. Please join us from 1-2 PM on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays using this link.


The Teacher Residency Program is an intensive training program designed to prepare future teachers to work in SDP classrooms while earning their teaching certification (and often a Master’s Degree). Individuals work as full-time employees for the School District of Philadelphia both during their residency and beyond. 

Shaping the leaders of tomorrow is a click away.

We are looking for educators who will enrich students with experiences, skills and knowledge that will help them grow, achieve and succeed. We are looking for educators who believe in the power of public education. If that describes you, please apply today and help us shape the leaders of tomorrow.

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